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To Reinforce Learning, Use an Old Child’s Game… With a Twist   Article Center   

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To Reinforce Learning, Use an Old Child’s Game… With a Twist

By: Beth Sunny

People learn in different ways, but everyone needs reinforcement in order to retain information. This old child’s game has been proven over time to help boost memory skills. It’s a lot of fun, too!

by Beth Sunny & Vera Michaels

People learn in different ways, but everyone needs reinforcement in order to retain information. One way to reinforce terms is to create a matching card game for the students to play. This game will give the students a new method of quizzing themselves. This exercise works best after lunch as it gets the brain juices flowing and energizes the group after a break.

On separate pieces of playing card-sized paper, write a term you have taught the class. On a separate paper write the definition that will match that term. So for each term you have two playing cards, one with the term and one with the definition. Be careful not to give the term away in the definition. For example: For the term CLOSE, a good definition would be "The term used when exiting a program." (Tip: Since I work with different versions of the same product, I print the product name and the version number on the backside of each card so I know which cards go to what class.)

Make up at least 20 of these matched cards. (Tip: You can use Word to create about 6 on a page and cut them out.) Laminate the cards. (I usually get my cards laminated at Kinko's.)

This is a group activity. Mix up the cards and hand out one to two cards per individual. As you are passing out the cards, explain that on each card is either a definition or a term. Their job as a group is to match all of the terms and definitions correctly. It doesn't matter how they accomplish the task, but that they all participate as a team. Once finished, just go over their matches and make sure they got them correct. You can always add variations to this game to include prizes. You could also split the class into two groups and give a prize to the group that has all the cards matched first.

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About the Author

Beth Sunny is a writer, publisher, and computer trainer. She owns Software Training Resources (STR), a courseware company known for their "QuickSteps to Learning" training manuals. STR launched an exciting web site in January of 2001. The web site is specifically for the Computer Training Industry - The site offers a place for individuals in the Computer Training Industry a place to advertise their business, correspond with others in the industry, find training products, and discover software tips and read great articles relating to computer training. Visit the site today!

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