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Avoid Bad Manners While Blogging


Blogging, the hottest trend in online publishing right now,is currently spreading like wildfire across the Internet.

A cross between an online journal and a bulletin board,everyone from rock starts, politicians, business leadersand your average "Joe" or "Jane" can instantly become acenter of influence online using blogs.

But, as with any social interaction, certain rules apply(my grandma calls them manners) in order to be viewed asbehaving "properly."

One of the things that gives blogging such strong appeal asan online publishing method revolves around "comments."

Blogs that allow "comments" enable readers to respond andelaborate on the information posted by the blog owner.

These comments and the free exchange of information,opinions, links, and new ideas creates the dynamic andgrowing content that makes blogging such a popular onlineactivity for both publishers and readers.

However, rules and unwritten customs about the proper useof "comments" on a specific blog are also where most of theproblems and controversy will arise.

Since a successful blog eventually becomes a community ofpeople (albeit in cyberspace), proper social behavior iscritical to be an effective and accepted member of thecommunity.

Keep these basic rules in mind when approaching a new blogthat allows commenting by readers so you won't findyourself on the wrong end of a scolding by people whooperate with a different set of rules than you.

As with any social circle, violating the group's rules andcustoms will instantly cause a negative backlash.

** Keep It Relevant **

Stay on topic with the post you're commenting about in ablog.

Nothing will earn you the wrath and disdain of yourfellow posters and the blog owner faster than posting anoff-topic comment.

** Watch What Others Do **

Different blogs operate under different rules. What ratesacceptable in one blog would earn you a verbal thrashing inanother.

Before posting (especially if you have not posted to aspecific blog before), look to see the types and quality ofposts others make regularly.

Are they long or short?

Do they contain a link to the person's website?

Is there a "signature" under their name?

** Be Polite **

It's fine to disagree with people when making a comment,whether it's the blog's author or a comment made by anotherreader.

It is not, however, acceptable to launch a personal attackon anyone or make nasty comments in someone else's blog.

If you feel the need to do so, do it in your own blog.

It's the same principle of you can say whatever you want inyour own house, but when you're in someone else's house,you act right (and better than you do at home).

** You Can't Respond To Everyone **

If you operate a blog and someone asks a question, try torespond, but both sides should understand that you can'trespond 100% of the time.

We all get busy and a blog, unless it maintains a paidmembership, is often supported as a labor of love.

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