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6 Reasons Why Rss Beats Email Marketing


A brand new marketing tool predicted to replace email iscurrently sweeping the World Wide Web like a storm.

The Internet is experiencing the so-called "orange" revolutionand there's no stopping to it. The online marketing world isrigorously seen chanting a 3-letter mantra, R-S-S.

Yes, RSS is here and it's got substance, material, style,sophistication?

In a word, it's got the 'X' factor.

RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication", is the newestand the fastest growing technology online. Many publishers,webmasters and marketers are adopting RSS. It has helped spam godown to a great extent and made bulk messages a thing of past.

No wonder spammers are shaking in their boots all over the web!

Here are 6 strong reasons why RSS beats email marketing to thecore:

1. Kiss Spam Filters Goodbye - RSS can help you distribute yourcontent directly to your subscribers, without any spam filtersinterfering. Your messages will never get blacklisted andblocked and will always be delivered promptly, unless and untilyour subscribers choose to end the relationship themselves.

2. Subscribing Is Easy - Your subscribers don't have to worryabout giving out any of their personal details to subscribe andread your RSS feeds. All they need to do is, add your feed totheir online or desktop RSS reader and that's it. They are readyto receive and read content from you without any hassles.

3. Un-subscribing Is Easier - Removing your subscriber's emailfrom your email list automatically has it's own share ofproblems, and it doesn't work all the time. However, when youtalk about RSS, it's easy for your subscribers to unsubscribefrom your publication. They can stop receivingmessages from you any time by simply deleting your feed fromtheir RSS reader. Simple as that!

4. Get Your Message Out In An Instant - Whenever you havesomething new to publish, all you have to do is update youralready published feed and your message gets updated everywhereit's subscribed. No more worrying if your subscribers got yourmessage or not.

5. Never Get Accused of Spam - It's very easy to get accused ofsending unsolicited mail nowadays since people forget they evengave you their email address. RSS solves this problemcompletely, as the messages which you send out, will appeardirectly in your subscribers RSS reader. So the question ofcontacting them illegally does not even arise.

6. Build Long Lasting Relationships - Not only RSS builds astrong relationship with your existing subscribers but alsohelps in attracting new potent subscribers who are interested inwhat you offer. People who subscribe to your feed want toreceive content from you and hence, can be regarded assubscribers you can count on.

RSS can work like a charm for your business and help you gainthousands of quality subscribers and leads within a few weeks?

You just have to become a part of the orange revolution!

Mustafa Khundmiri is the co-founder of A Free online service, which helps anyone, create, edit, publishand track RSS feeds online. Sign Up for your FREE account on hissite and start publishing your own RSS feeds!

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