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Coming Clean: The Truth About Soap
What Is Soap?Soap is the oldest cleanser around. It is created by a chemical reaction between oils, water and lye. Although lye is used to make soap there is no lye left after saponification (the chemical reaction that makes soap) is complete. There is no such thing as a bar of soap that was made without the use of lye. Different kinds of soap are made using a variety of different oils. Both animal & plant oils can be used ...(related: Beauty)

Commercial Tanning Beds: An Overview
Commercial tanning beds come in two basic formats. Horizontal tanning beds are the tanning beds you most often see in both residential and commercial settings. These capsule or clamshell tanning bed...(related: Beauty)

Complexion Problems - Getting A Clear, Healthy Complexion
Most of us do. There are the few lucky people who have near-perfect skin tone and color, and who never break out with an acne blemish, and yet their skin stays perpetually moisture balanced and clear.What is their secret? And is there a way for you to duplicate this perfection, or are you doomed to a life of never-ending, genetically-impossible-to-defeat complexion problems?The good news is, there are some simple ways you can greatly improve your complexion. Some may seem fairly common sense, and other may be something you never thought of, nor incorporated into your skin care routine.1.) Adding a splash of lemon juice to your drinking water is a ...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lens Cases ? Caring For Them The Right Way
A patient of mine called me a few weeks ago complaining that her eyes were hurting. I told her to come by the office and I would check her out. After looking at her eyes, I noticed some redness and slight corneal swelling. This concerned me because she was a fairly new patient who had just recently begun wearing contact lens within the past three months.After administering some tests and gathering some information, it was determined that the source of her eye irritation...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lens Chaos With Colorful Eyes
If you have teenagers, then you will encounter this end-of-the-world dilemma at some point if you haven't already. There's a big party or concert or some other function that everyone who is anyone is going to be attending and your teenager wants to stand out and have this be their night (although they'll never admit it).Although it was years ago for most of us, if you think hard enough you can still remember what is was like not having the undivided attention from someone that you thought was the best thing walking the face of the earth. Times may have changed, but certain cultural habits never do. So how can you stand out in the crowd...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lens Makeup Safety Tips
If your teenage daughter wants to wear contact lenses, you may have some reservations, so get as much information as you can for her when it comes to applying makeup. Contacts are nice because eyeglasses may get in the way if your teen plays sports and girls like their pretty eyes to show instead of being hidden by eyeglasses. Your teen needs to be responsible so that she will take care of them and put on her makeup with eye care in mind. If you misuse cosmetics when wearing contacts, you may develop allergies, dry eye, injury, infection, or deposits on the lenses. There are a lot of things you can do to safe...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lens Prescriptions Explained
Don't let the name fool you. Nonprescription contacts do require a prescription regardless of what is advertised online or in the circular you received in the mail last week. Sounds confusing? Don't worry. I'll explain.Nonprescription contact lenses are cosmetic lenses that do not require the wearer to need contacts for vision correction. You can have perfect vision and wear nonprescription contacts. These lenses are strictly for cosmetic purposes.However, federal law classifies contact lenses (both traditional and cosmetic) as medical devices. As such, both nonprescription contacts and traditional contacts need a prescription in order to legally purchase them.

Contact Lenses - A Beginners Guide To Inserting & Removing Them The Right Way
I must admit that putting contact lenses in for the first time is a bit awkward. The natural reflex when any object comes close to the eye is to automatically close the eye. However, once you get over the fear of placing the contact on your eye, you will become a...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lenses And Dry Eyes
Until recently, contact lenses and dry eyes seemed to come hand in hand. Modern technology, however, has developed several ways for contact lens wearers to deal with dry eyes. When eyes become dry, they can be irritable, bloodshot and in severe cases, vision can become impaired.What Causes Dry Eye...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lenses And The Over 40s
The over-40s crowd are suffering from discovering that their arms are growing shorter as words become increasingly more difficult to read up close and they must hold small items at arms length to be able to see them properly.This is obviously an eye complaint and is called presbyopia. This condition occurs as the eye gradually loses its ability to focus on objects close at hand. The problem,at first, may only occur in dim lighting situations such as in restaurants or other poorly lit rooms. Over time it will worsen until it is impossible to read or to carry out close work at all.Fortunate...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lenses Are Easy To Get Online, As Long As You Know How, And You Choose The Right Brands
Eye glasses have really come a long way over the years when it comes to style and variety. However, there is no question that when it comes to showing off your good looks, contact lenses win over glasses hands down! You can buy contact lenses through your eye doctor or - what's even...(related: Beauty)

Contact Lenses Causing Dry Eyes?
Don't you just hate it when your eyes are dry and itchy? It is definitely one of the worst feelings for such a sensitive area. Your instincts tell you that you should rub your eyes when they are dry. However, this only leads to a drier more irritated eye. If you are tired of dealing with dry eyes, here are a few tips that will help clear up the problem for you.First, understand what is causing your eye to become dry and then eliminate the triggering factor. One of the most common causes of dry eyes, believe it or not, is simply not blinking enough. Often when we sit in front of the TV or the computer, we are not blinking our eyes as often as we should. When we blink, we are actually coating our eyes with tears. These tears help maintain the health of the eye.Contact lenses may also be causing your eyes to become dry. Instea...(related: Beauty)

Contacts, What A Dream
It all started when I was in second or third grade. Before going to bed every night, my parents and I would read together, usually a chapter or two from a book I couldn't yet manage on my own (the Chronicles of Narnia stand out most in my m...(related: Beauty)

Cool Tattoos
Practitioners admit it hurts like hell and speech is initially difficult, but claim that the surprise factor of sticking out their tongues at unwary persons is worth the effort.For those seeking out cool tattoos getting the tongue tattooed might be too much. Circus carny and graphic designer Curtis McMurty is the person credited with developing a specially patented Tongue-Dyed Tattoo? technology.And McMurty's innovation does...(related: Beauty)

Cosmeceuticals: The New Wave In Skin Care Solutions
Cosmeceuticals are the new wave in skin care. They are topical cosmetic-pharmaceutical hybrids intended to enhance the health and beauty of the ...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetic Chin Surgery - The Final Facial Touch
When either cosmetic or plastic surgery are mentioned to us, our thoughts run immediately to breast implants or...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetic Dentistry And Teeth Whitening
Maybe you are ready to get rid of your old silver fillings. Maybe you don't like you discolored teeth. Or maybe your smile needs adjusting.This new dentistry goes beyond just fixing teeth. Its about helping people gain more self confidence by having a wonderful smile. Your image matters and tells your customers and friends that you value your image and expect the best in return. There are several different forms of cosmetic dentistry to give you that "winning smile". Crowns, veneers, bonding and bleaching are all effective methods to varying degrees and price.Cosmetic crowns can cover old, leaking silver fillings. They can also cover fractured and broken teeth. If you have visible fillings when you smile, porcelain crowns can eliminate that metallic look. Crowns are too...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Buttock Lift
Every patient has their own individual needs for plastic surgery. Reshaping the buttock to the ...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetic Surgery ? Vanity Or Healthy Choice?
Cosmetic and plastic surgery has long been associated with vanity, but mounting evidence suggests that in many cases cosmetic surgery can offer substantial health benefits. Nose jobs can offer real health benefits in addition to improving the symmetry of the face. Face lifts have been shown to increase life expectancy. And eyelid surgery can create significant vision benefits for some people. All of these examples show the lines between aesthetics and real health benefits can blur when examining plastic surgery procedures.Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs have health benefits beyond the aesthetic appeals of the procedure. In many cases, rhinoplasty can substantially improve breathing difficulties. In cases where people have broken their nose, the cartilage can become constricted, creating breathing problems. R...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetics Giant Touts Beauty, Power Of Hyaluronic Acid
Cosmetics giant Estée Lauder has jumped on the hyaluronic acid bandwagon with the release of its high-end "Perfectionist" skincare...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetics ? The Practical Way To Beauty!
Want that healthy, tanned look without that elusive Spanish holiday? Use cosmetics! For cosmetics is the easiest way to enhance your image. Image is what the cosmetic industry sells through its products. And although it's up to you to believe it or not, I'm sure you won't complain. Definitely not when you can get "that look" without being much the poorer for it.There are cosmetics for almost every need.<...(related: Beauty)

Cosmetics & Toiletries - Global Outsourcing & Private Label Manufacturing
Hi, My name is Rasik Botadra, am currently working as an Analyst with business news magazine & new papers.I am writing this article in view of India emerging as Highly potential Global Outsourcing & Solutions Provider for finished Consumer products & General Merchandise. India has always kept her stand in Global competition right from the beginning for Finished Products such as Cosmetic & Toiletries but limited to certain market segments.After recent globalization and change in policies the opportunities for manufacturers & exporters have widen. Today w...(related: Beauty)

Cost Of Non Prescription Color Contacts
Cost of non prescription color contacts can vary quite a bit depending on where you buy them. If the cost of non prescription color contacts is an issue for you, check around before you buy.The cost of non prescription color contacts can be researched in several ways. The first way to research the cost of non prescription color contacts is online. There are many sites that will give you the information you need about the cost of non prescription color co...(related: Beauty)

Costume Contact Lenses ? Be Noticed In The Crowd!
Costume contacts have always been a favorite tool of movie costume designers. What makes a werewolf appear like a real mo...(related: Beauty)

Crazy Contact Lenses ? Freak Out Your Friends!
You've seen them before either in music videos, in theatre, or maybe even while out shopping. They always get a second and third look. People don't know what to make of them. Small children either love them or are terrified by them. But that is part of their appeal. They are meant to generate at...(related: Beauty)

Create A Home Spa Experience ? Homemade Facials, Scrubs, And More
The same stress in our daily lives that makes us yearn for a spa experience often keeps us from taking the time out from a busy schedule to book a day of relaxation. Even with time, a day at the spa can be a big hit to wallet. Whil...(related: Beauty)

Create A Home Spa
Here are 10 personal little home spa tips that will make you look and feel like a million bucks!Squeeze in a few extra minutes to your every day self care time and you'll see how easily these step by step pampering recommendations will turn even the toughest days around. Or if you can negotiate a few minutes here and there from your day to get even more time?by all means? do it! Your family, friends and co-workers will meet a much happier, more chipper, fantastically refreshed you!In Preparation:First things, first. No shopping, buying or leaving the house. Scour the house for a few fun spa essentials and make a decadent 'Home Spa ...(related: Beauty)

Create A Spa Retreat At Home!
In today's high-stress world, a visit to a spa can provide a much needed renewal for your mind, body and soul. If you don't have the time and/or money to head to the nearest spa or resort, consider creating your own. Experience the benefits of a day at the spa by creating a near-professional spa in your own home. Here are some ideas for transforming you bathroom into a relaxing spa ret...(related: Beauty)

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Hair Stylist - Record Holder
Have you ever seen hair stylist cutting hair with Fire & Blindfolded or Glass or a paper-cutter? Imagine, Stylist burning your hair with fire, and sometimes that too blindfolded? Scary isn't? but its not like...(related: Beauty)

7 Essential Beauty Tips
BeautyBeauty is defined as the phenomenon of the experience of pleasure, through the perception of balance and proportion of stimulus. It involves the cognition of a balanced form and structure that elicits attraction and appeal towards a host, creature, inanimate object, scene, music, idea, etc. It's as well seen as An assemblage or even graces or even properties pleasing to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty, or even the moral fee...(related: Beauty)

Eczema: Getting The Facts
People from all walks of life and all ages live with eczema; however, it typically appears in infants. Also called contact dermatitis, eczema is actually a group of skin conditions. Although it may sometimes look like a contagious condition, eczema is not contagious.Symptoms related to eczema depend on the causes and severity of the form of eczema. A person with mild eczema has dry, hot, and itchy skin. Severe eczema causes the skin to crack, bleed, and often takes a long time to heal. Inflammation in the area is common depending on the type of eczema.Type of eczemaMore informationAtopic eczema- Most common form of eczema; affects children and adults.Symptoms include:- extreme itchiness- dryne...(related: Beauty)

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