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Tanning Bed Facts
A tanning bed produces UV rays and thus just like the sun there can be some health issues. You can tan safely by following the tanning bed tips provided by many. Here are some tanning bed facts.Skin typeNo matter what type of tanning bed you are using, if you don't know your skin type you could land up in trouble. There are five basic skin types. The lightest being albino the darkest being naturally dark pigmented skin such as Asian or African. And then there is the rest of us somewhere in between.The type of skin you have will determine how long and how often you can tan. Some skin types burn much quicker, while others seldom burn at all. The salon attendant will help you determine your ski...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Bed Lights - The Heart Of Your Tanning Bed !
Much like the way the overwhelming power of the Ferrari emanates from her gentle and supreme engine, the power of the tanning bed lies in the tanning bed lights that make up the heart of the best tanning beds. And the more you know about tanning bed lights, the more you grow to love it, for therein lie the seeds of beautiful bronzed skin! Read o...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Bed Lotion
Apply a tanning bed lotion an hour before and immediately after every tanning session. Tanning bed lotions protect your skin and help to accelerate the tanning process.Tanning bed lotions contain tyrosine, an amino acid that stimulates production of the skin pigment melanin. Tyrosine assists the UVB rays in stimulating melanin production. UVA rays oxidize the melanin, producing color.Many tanning bed lotions contain Vitamin E. The anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin E, as well as those of ...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Bed Pillows - A Great Addon To Your Tanning Bed Experience!
Remember the last time you were on a plain vanilla tanning bed trying hard to get a tan and feeling uncomfortable with the posture? Now you can say good bye to those times for tanning bed pillows are here!! With the use...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Bed Safety
The facts about tanning bed safety are some what convoluted. How often have you heard someone say "it's not safe to use a tanning bed,"...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Bed Supplies -- Addons That Really Count!
So you are getting on a tanning bed. What next??No tanning experience is complete without the use of the entire range of quality tanni...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Bed Tips -- Enhancing Your Tanning Experience!
If you are reading this, you have probably experienced the joys of the tanning bed and are now looking for tanning bed tips to enhance the pleasure of donning the tanned look. With several different opinions flying around, we thought it best to house some of the best proven tanning bed tips at a single point to facilitate your endeavor.Before we start, remember that if you have photosensitive skin, light pigmentation or a history of skin problems, then tanning beds are probably not for you. Having said that, the key factor that governs the quality of use are the ta...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Beds: A Brief Intro
You look great, work out every day and have a fit body. Beyond that, you crave for that golden bronze look, the look that would send the opposite sex into a tizzy.Well, in that case let me welcome you to the amazing world of tanning bed products. Read on to know more about tanning beds, usage, accessories viz. tanning bed lotions, tanning bed lamps and a few tanning bed tips.Tanning beds are devices that simulate the sun's UV rays that give your body the coveted bronze look. The vertical model the indoor tanning bed is preferred over its cousin, the horizontal model as in the vertical model, the tanning is uniform without any physical contact on any surface during the course of the tan and hence no pressure points for tanning. Widely regarded as the surer and faster way to looking great, tanning beds have been a gr...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Beds For Sale
Ranging in price from a $150 to $50,000, tanning beds are available in a vast array of styles for home and commercial use. The most common style is the horizontal bed, followed by the vertical bed or tanning booth. New technological advances are improving these two styles to make them more portable, roomier, and more temperate, as the average bed interior heats up to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit when in use.A third style becoming more and more common, the canopy-style bed moves on a hydraulic arm to accommodate your tanning needs while you kick back in your favorite chair. Finally, there are the solariums, which are small tanning lamps that tan portions of y...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Beds: History And Advice
Tanning beds were brought to North America by German scientist Friedrich Wolff in 1978 and rose to popularity in the mid-1980s. Since then, tanning beds have been a common way to tan without having to spend hours and hours in the sun's unpredictable radiation.Make no mistake: the ultraviolet light used in tanning beds is almost...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Booths - Safer Than You Think!
Visiting a tanning booth to tan may be safer than you believe. You have to understand that skin cancer has a 20-30 year latency period, so most stories that you hear now are from the people who way back when thought that getting sun burns would fade into nice looking tans. This approach was not very good nor did it work at all. If you decide to try out a tanning booth the only thing you need to worry about is wearing protective eyewear.The thing that causes skin cancer is the repeating pattern of getting sunburned. If you can avoid getting sunburn while using a tanning booth then you will not have much to worry about. Also, with using a tanning booth the UV rays are controlled and you can easily set your exposure time to them by using the bed. That way, you wil...(related: Beauty)

Tanning Salon Equipment
Tanning salons continue to be extremely popular in all areas of the country, during all seasons. Both men and women alike frequently purchase tanning services at their favorite tanning salon.Tanning services, often sold in packages, allow clients to visit for a specific number of tanning sessions. This is a better value than purchasing individual tanning sessions. Prices of tanning packages and individual sessions may vary, according to the specific tanning salon equipment that a client chooses to tan in.Typically, tanning salon equipment includes stand-up tanning booths and tanning beds. Stand-up tanning booths allow the cli...(related: Beauty)

Tanning The Natural Way
This is a call to everybody. Save your skin, now before it's too late! Having a tan makes you look more healthy and gorgeous. But how do you do it without bad consequences?There are a lot of people who would like to have golden brown skin. It is not a new sight when people go to the beach to lie almost naked under the sun just to have an equal tan. But, it is not so safe to do just that because of the super harmful UV rays. Instead of getting only a perfectly golden skin, one might suffer a serious case of skin cancer later, too.There are plenty...(related: Beauty)

Tanses Tanning Equipment
Tanses tanning equipment is well known in its field. Tanses tanning equipment has developed a very good reputation.Tanses tanning equipment that features high pressure ...(related: Beauty)

Teeth Whitening: Frequently Asked Questions
OverviewTeeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to improve your appearance. Whiter teeth can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Years of drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine, ...(related: Beauty)

Teeth Whitening: Home Treatments Not Without Some Risk
Before you start whitening your teeth, you must considerthat there is a small danger unless you are just usingtoothpaste.Both professional and home treatment expose you to asmall risk of mouth cancer in either gums or tongue. Thedangers these days, are thankfully very small. Thebiggest problem you are likely to encounter with hometreatment is quite sore teeth and gums.Just be prepared for this discomfort for about a m...(related: Beauty)

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is a process of lightening the color of teeth. It involves a bleaching process that reduces the discoloration of the enamel and dentin caused due to smoking, aging, consumption of tea, coffee and colas.You can try tooth whitening if you have healthy teeth without any fillings. Teeth whiteners are not suitable for dark gray s...(related: Beauty)

Ten Low-cost Ways To Look Good For Your Man (and For Yourself!)
Face it ladies; the reason you want to look nice is to attract the opposite sex. And let's also face the fact that most men do not even notice half the things you spend your hard-earned cash on in the name of looking good for them. Whether you're a swinging single, have a boyfriend, or even a couple of boyfriends, you can still turn heads without blowing your entire paycheck on self-maintenance. Here are ten tips.1. Grow your hair long. Forget the stacked and sprayed look, girls. Men want long, luxuriant locks that they can run their fingers through and maybe even give a gentle tug on once in a while to pay homage to their...(related: Beauty)

Testimonials On Permanent Makeup
Testimonials on Permanent MakeupI first thought about getting permanent eyeliner because I had problems with getting it on and getting it to stay on. I was very nervous about having something 'permanent' done. But I went ahead and looked into it. I went on line and found several web sites on permanent make up. Nancy's web site was the best I saw, she had a lot of before and after photos, and several great credentials listed. I called Nancy and she was very informative and I could tell she knew what she was talking about. Nancy made me feel comfortable with my decision to get permanent eyeliner. (She told me I would love it, and I do!)I loved her wo...(related: Beauty)

The 3 Things You Are Doing Right Now That Are Causing Your Dark Eyes Circles
When I started searching for a solution for dark circles under the eyes I thought that it was going to be easy to find something that really worked. I tried several products just to end up empty handed. As you probably know there are some products out there to camouflage dark circles, others are topical lotions to place under your eyes. All of which offer very little improvement.The question is? why?Why do these products that you apply to your skin offer very little help?The answer I found was simple yet very illusive. The problem lays somewhere else in your body and the solutio...(related: Beauty)

The Advantages Of Sunless Tanning Booths
While many people recall seemingly endless hours outdoors soaking up the sun's rays, sunbathing isn't as carefree an activity as it used to be. These days, there's more to worry about, such as premature aging, scarring, blemishes, and skin...(related: Beauty)

The Art Of Perfume Notes - What Are They?
When people hear the word 'notes' they often say "yeah those are the things that make up a song." Sure this is true, but did you know that notes are als...(related: Beauty)

The Basics Of Healthy Hair
Is your hair dry and brittle? Is it greasy and flat? Puffy, stringy, frizzy, the list goes on and on. There are so many ...(related: Beauty)

The Benefits Of Clip-on Hair Extensions
We all need a change every now and then. From our clothes to the music we listen to, a little bit of variety is great sometimes. So, why should we have the same hairstyle day in and day out? With hair extensions, we can look and feel like a new person -- any time we want to.Regular hair ...(related: Beauty)

The Benefits Of Discount Salon Equipment
Many suppliers of salon equipment offer products that are labeled as "discount" for various reasons. Some discounted salon equipment may be a good bargain, but the buyer must always be an educated consumer when purchasing such discounted items.Discount salon equipment may pertain to both new and used equipment. There are many suppliers that tout the word "discount" to entice consumers to purchase their products. In an effort to convince the customer that they offer better prices than their competitors, they loosely advertise that they offer "disco...(related: Beauty)

The Benefits Of Human Hair Extensions
Several different types of hair extensions are available, including those made from human hair, animal hair, and synthetic fibers. Most experts agree that human hair extensions are the best and most natural looking. With human hair extensions, wearers are not locked into a particular color or style. The extensions can be washed, colored, and styled just like your own natural hair. Such a wide variety of human hair extensions are available that stylists can easily match the color and texture of your own hair with.With expert selection, professional application, and conscientious care, human hair extensions are virtually indistinguishable from your own natural hair.Human hair extensions are ...(related: Beauty)

The Benefits Of Shea Healing Butter
Shea HEALING butter is a high performance lotion, and cream thatenrich your skin with the added benefit of HEALING. It is a naturalalternative to skin care products designed to moisturize, protect,revitalize and refreash your body from head to toe.WHAT IS SHEA HEALING BUTTER?Shea butter is solid which comes from the natural fat obtainedfrom the pit of the fruit of the African karite tree grown inWest and Central Africa. Also referred to as karite butter. Sheabutter is an emollient that is extremely therapeutic, helpingto heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. Its chemical constituentshelp to heal small wounds, burns, and skin ulcers, bruising andsoreness, and penetrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft andsmooth. Shea butter which also contains vitamin A and E has ahigh content of unsaponifiables and...(related: Beauty)

The Benefits Of Sunless Tanning Sprays
Some people desire enough of a tan for just one occasion such as an evening out. Some people look at all options available in sunless tanning products and decide to tan the old-fashioned way, after all. For those who opt for a traditional, sun-induced tan, caution and protective measures are recommended.Currently, sunless tanning spray can be found at high-end salons or spas and can anywhere from $25 per session to up to $100 for a few one-hour sessions. Sunless tanning spray contains dihydroxyacetone (...(related: Beauty)

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Living Water
A wellness of beauty for mind, body & spirit
by Cathy Gatson

"When the well is dry, then we know the worth of water", unfortunately many
of us take it for granted.
The significance of water is so m...(related: Beauty)

Natural Ways To Treat Stretch Marks
Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. One aspect of child-bearing, however, may not be so welcomed. For 75-90% of pregnant women, stretch marks, or striae gravidum, can appear in the later half of pregnancy. Stretch marks do not pose any health risk to either the mother or child, but can cause anxiety over their appearance for those who develop them. Stretch marks first appear as raised striations which vary in colour from pink, purple or brown, depending on the mother's normal skin colour. Striations develop where fat is stored in the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts and arms.Stretch marks develop during pregnancy beca...(related: Beauty)

Slow The Aging Process By Watching What You Think
How to stop the old aging process is the ultimate age old question. Overtime, the cells of our body grow and die. There is nothing that can stop this process totally, but we are finding out so much more about the body and aging that we can slow down the ravages of time. So much of anti aging is a mind body connection. If you want to keep as young as you can in your body, you should stay young in your mind as well. Energy will follow what you focus on with your mind; so if you are worrying about how tired you are f...(related: Beauty)

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