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Whats With Celebrity Baby Names?
It seems that the days of naming your son or daughter with your own name and adding a second, third or a fourth sign in roman numerals at the end are fading away. This seems to be especially the case with celebrities. The more unique, the better! As to whether celebrities are simply a little loopy, or whether they simply like the attention that a unique baby name will bring, we do not know. What we do know is that the names just keep getting crazier and crazier. Below is a list of some of our favorite celebrity baby names over the years.Banjo - Patrick & Rachel Griffiths. This choice of name was based on t...(related: Babies)

When Not To Begin Potty Training
Potty training can be a stressful experience for you and your child. It's best to start potty training when your child has an established daily routine and is not dealing with any additional stress. Potty training should be the only major change in your child's life.If your child is showing signs of potty tr...(related: Babies)

When Should Your Baby Wear Shoes?
There is actually a bit of controversy about this question. Some pediatricians recommend that your baby not wear shoes until at least 15 months of age. Others feel that a child should start to wear shoes as soon as they're walking. However, you have to consider where your baby is walking. If they are cruising around your own home, then there is usually no need for shoes. But what about outdoors? Obviously you wouldn't want your child running around barefoot on cement or in the dirt. Babies should be wearing a firm shoe in this case to prevent injuries (and dirty socks).Shoes are also protection from sunburn, cold weather, scratches and bumps. Just make sure that when your baby has the opportunity to go barefoot, let them. And don't keep shoes on for too long at a time.If you do purchase outdoor shoes for your ba...(related: Babies)

When To Have A Baby Shower
When to have a baby shower is a personal choice. It can be held anytime 4-6 weeks before or after the birth. Moreover, it can be held any day of the week and at any time of the day that is suitable for the mom-to-be, her family and the invited guests.Traditionally, having a baby shower before the birth was very common. Today it is a matter of personal choice and convenience.If the shower is to be held before the birth, then it is preferable that the gifts shou...(related: Babies)

When To Move From Carseat To Booster
Under three, use a car seat. The guidelines for transporting infants and toddlers are deeply embedded in parental mantras. It gets a little fuzzy though when your youngster hits hyper-drive and grows out of his front-facing car seat. Today, less than 10% of children ages 4 ? 8 use a booster seat when riding in cars. National traffic and safety organizations have confirmed that your child needs to be restrained appropriately when riding in a car. This means supplementing the standard adult-sized seat belts with additional equipment to keep your child safe.The child r...(related: Babies)

When To Start Teaching Your Baby (1)
When is it that I should start teaching my baby? That is a question that may come to mind for many first time parents; other parents may never consider the question at all, and just leave things to ev...(related: Babies)

When To Start Teaching Your Baby (2)
With you or without you, your baby will be learning from the moment she is born and starts to take in her new surroundings. Every sight and sound will be a part of her learning process; she will observe everything you do and listen to every word you say. And as the months pass, she will eventually start to copy.Fully conscious teaching, with books and other articles of learning, will come much later on; but of course, it is entirely up to you.With our baby daughter, Saffron, I started reading her a bed time story at about six months old. She could not understand fully, but it gave her exposure to books, and the comfort of a bed time routine, with my voice and sounds, and the pictures in the book. It did not matter that every evening it was Goldilocks and the Thr...(related: Babies)

When Your Wee One Goes Wee Wee Well
After reading several books about potty training (my son was a little tyke pre-Internet) and having little success, I found...(related: Babies)

Where Will You Give Birth To Your Baby?
Where To Give Birth..You have a choice where to have your baby. As long as there were no complications with your pregnancy, you can give birth at home, at a birth centre, or in hospital. You also have the choice of pain relief, no pain relief, a water birth, an active birth, and you may be able to opt for a planned caesarean.HospitalUnless you request otherwise, your doctor will book you into a hospital for your birth. You'll be in for between 7 hours and 4 days depending on how you recover from the birth, and if there were any complications.Whilst there you will have access to a team of expert medical staff and the full range of pain relief. You ma...(related: Babies)

Wheres My Mother Of The Year Award?
With orange juice spilled over the kitchen table, Playdough in the cracks of the hardwood floor and a pacifier floating in the toilet, I wanted to scream phrases like, "How much more of this can I take?" and "I am not a maid!" and most of all, as the characters in Peanuts do, the long and profound, "AAUGH!" As I wiped the kitchen table, dug out the Playdough and retrieved the pacifier, I muttered, "Surely I deserve an award for mother of the year."When I decided to become a mother, I envisioned days of cuddling my newborn and bathing her as serene music filled the air. As she'd grow older, I envisio...(related: Babies)

White Noise And 10 Other Soothing Sounds For Calming A Colicky Infant
The crying ? oh, the crying. A colicky baby can really drive you to the edge. Failed attempts to soothe her crying may leave you wondering if you are cut out to be a parent after all. But, don't worry, you are. You just need to arm yourself with some tools to battle each colic-crying outburst.But, first, let's define why your colic baby cries.The most popular theory from scientists lately is an underdeveloped and immature nervous system. I know all women who have given birth can attest to the fact that a baby has a big head. Right?Wrong. Actually, a baby's head isn't big enough to house a brain that is ...(related: Babies)

White Noise For Baby Stops Colic Crying Fast
It's true. Colic is MUCH harder on the parent than the infant. My daughter survived six months of colic unscathed. My husband and I are a different story. We have deep psychological scars that send us scurrying for the nearest exist every time we hear a baby cry.As parents, we were newbies. We had never even changed a diaper when we brought our bundle of joy home from the hospital. I had heard a few horror stories about babies with colic, but never thought in a million years I would be the proud owner of a colic baby. So, imagine our horror, when on about our third week of parenting, our daughter started screaming every day around dinnertime. And, I'm talking blood-curdling, "I'm-in-s...(related: Babies)

Why Convertible Cribs Make Sense
Who doesn't love cool gadgets that morph into dozens of tools with a twist of the wrist. Finding baby equipment that grows with your child is like hitting the jackpot ? particularly when it involves big ticket items.Purchasing a crib is one of the major decisions you'll make when furnishing your child's nursery. Size, style and color are important considerations, however another option is quickly moving up on the priority checklist ? being able to convert from a crib into a larger bed.You'll generally use a crib for the first two to t...(related: Babies)

Why You Need To Teach Your Baby How To Swim
Many parents are discovering the art of teaching their baby to swim. Not only is it fun for your baby to swim, bond with you, and play with other babies, it is a great way for you t...(related: Babies)

Will Kids Eat Vegetables? Yes, They Will!
You have made the decision to grow your own vegetables. It's a lifestyle and health choice. You want the best for your family and there are no shortcuts on the way. Good for you!So now you've got all these wonderful fresh vegetables growing in your garden how do yo...(related: Babies)

Wooden High Chairs Offer Simplicity, Beauty, And Practicality For Todays Busy Families
Wooden high chairs with their looks and functionality make a great addition to any kitchen or dining room, no...(related: Babies)

Yikes! My Child Won?t Share! What Do I Do?
Years ago my husband and I attended a parenting class and one thing that stands out in my mind from that course was something very simplistic that the trainer said. He asked the question, "If your kid doesn't like broccoli, what should you do?"I thought for a minute while he paused and the first thought that came to me was, do my kids even like broccoli? Hmmmmm.Then in a loud voice the trainer enthusiastically said, "You should feed him MORE broccoli, that's what!"...(related: Babies)

You Have A New Person At Home: Babys Fourth Month Guide
Baby is into her fourth month now.Mom's milk is best.Breast milk is still important and sufficient to take care ofbaby's needs. If you are a working mom you might need a combo ofbottle and breast. Alternatively, you can express milk into abottle for your baby's caregiver to feed her.While feeding baby, do watch to see that the nipple and neck arealways filled with formula, to avoid baby taking in too much air.And remember to burp her after every feed.Some babies are ready for solid foods like cereal at this time.Babies at this age do not digest solids very well. Startingsolids too early can leave...(related: Babies)

Young Child Games-but When Do I Stop Playing Baby Games, You Ask?
As a baby matures and starts to show the first signs of independence the games that you play will change dramatically. The turning point comes as he progresses from crawling to walking. This skill is as important for his development as it is for his proud parents! As a toddler becomes mobile, all of his other skills develop in tandem with this new found ability to get around. There are four major areas for development and these are motor-skills, creativity, mobility and social skills.She will show an interest in new objects that involve manual dexterity. She has new handling skills as she turns her wrists and alters her grasp depending on the object she is playing with. Her expertise in manipulation and...(related: Babies)

Your Baby And Social Skills
Your baby's first year is filled with many challenges and new experiences for everyone in your family. One of the many things that your baby is going to be learning in his first year is the ability to socialize and get along with others. The first place that your baby is going to learn to socialize with others is within your own family. You should also be exposing your baby to playmates and other people outside your immediate family....(related: Babies)

Your Baby Nursery - Decorating A Fabulous And Functional Room
Decorating a baby nursery can be one of the most enjoyable tasks that you have before your bundle of joy arrives. There are many baby nursery themes to choose from and narrowing it down to just one may be your most difficult decision.Many parents know the sex of the baby in time to tailor a nursery to a baby girl or baby boy theme. If you don't know the sex of your baby there are many color combos that are gender neutral such as periwinkle and celery green. Or perhaps you would like a neutral theme with beiges and creams. You could choose and all...(related: Babies)

Your Baby?s Nursery ? What You Will Need
As an expectant mother, you are full of excitement and anticipation for the arrival of your little baby. You are picking out names, attending baby showers, and learning all there is to know about being a mother. One good and productive way to channel some of this excitement is to prepare the nursery in advance. Some items you will need are listed below.FurnitureWhen choosing furniture, you will want to think about items that can grow up with your baby. You will need a crib and mattress along with sheets, a mattress cover, crib bumpers, and a mobile to hang from the crib to keep your baby entertained. If your room is large enough, you may want to get a changing table with a diaper pail nearby. The baby bathtubs are very u...(related: Babies)

Your Little Gourmet: Babys Fifth Month Guide
Baby smiled her real smiles at you and you were so charmed,you decided nothing could be better. But baby has more instore for you in her fifth month. Endless entertainmentcoupled with increasing interest in her surroundings makesyour five month-old baby an ideal playmate.Squeals and smilesYou will be amazed by the repertoire of sounds your baby canproduce now. She is always eager to communicate with youwith her smiles, and squeals of delight. Laugh and your babylaughs with you. Baby babble is almost at its peak now.In baby's fifth month, she can sit with support and haulherself up a little bit when she is ...(related: Babies)

Your Newborn Baby?s First Few Days At Home ? What You Should Expect
The first few days home from the hospital are important for both baby and parents. As parents you will have gone through intense birth process that is unlike anything else you have ever experienced. As a new mother you will be drained - both emotionally and physically. The father can often have feelings of being overwhelmed by the huge responsibility he now faces. There probably is not much anyone can say or do to help you to fully prepare for what you are about to experience.During your first days at home it may be wise to limit the amount of visitors that you welcome into your home because you'll need a...(related: Babies)

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How To Stop Toddlers From Biting
It is an unfortunate fact of life but, unfortunately, toddlers and biting frequently go together. It is a painful time for both the toddler and th...(related: Babies)

Baby Eating Habits ? Which Approach Do You Take
One of the first decisions we make is if we breast feed or bottle feed our baby. This will be an emotional topic which ever option you choose. Nutrition is not just about preparing and serving food its much more complex and our own childhood experiences will have a great influence on this. Most parents will feel tha...(related: Babies)

When To Start Teaching Your Baby (1)
When is it that I should start teaching my baby? That is a question that may come to mind for many first time parents; other parents may never consider the question at all, and just leave things to ev...(related: Babies)

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