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Naming Ceremonies: Advice For First Time Godparents
Congratulations! It is a great honour your friends have done you, because being asked to be a godparent (aka as mentor, supporting adult, guideparent or guardian) is a significant responsibility and signals that they really trust you to look out for their child.Many first-time godparents are hazy about what their role is and what is expected of them during the Naming Ceremony.RoleGodparents step in when parents are not available, especially if they die or default. In my ceremonies I ask godparents to make promises to the parents as well as to the child, in order to signal their willingness to support the whol...(related: Babies)

Naming Your Baby - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Babynaming Ceremony
You've engaged a celebrant and you've picked the day. So how do you ensure that the naming ceremony for your baby goes smoothly and is memorable for friends and relatives alike? Focus on two things - preparation for the ceremony, and how things are organised on the day.Preparation

  • Choose your child's godparents with care, talk to them about the promises they feel able to make, and ask them if they would feel comfortable about sharing with everyone at the ceremony some of their thoughts about your child and your family
  • Consider other members of...(related: Babies)

    New Parents Rely On Other Moms & Dads To Prepare For Baby
    When most new parents are preparing for the arrival of baby this Spring, more often than not, they will not be sure what they will need as the dizzying array of options can be overwhelming. Rather than relying on recommendations by corporate America, many new parents and their loved ones are turning to products invented by other moms and dads that were created to solved real-world parenting challenges. Inventive Parent (, a premiere online parenting resource and a provider of solutions invented by real moms and dads, is pleased to announce their top 10 l...(related: Babies)

    Oh Baby! Choosing The Right Baby Name
    Naming a baby is no easy task. However, the following tips will help you give your baby his or her very first gift.1. Religion. For some parents, religion plays a major role in choosing a baby name. Roman Catholics traditionally choose saints names. Jews traditionally choose Old Testament names. Names of deceased relatives are often chosen. Protestants often choose both Old and New Testament names.Interesting Fact! : The majority of the people in the Western hemisphere have names from the Bible. The New Testament is a more popular source of names than the Old Testament.2. Number of Names. You have many options when it comes to the number of names you choose for your baby. It is very common for a baby to be given three names, however, this is not mandatory. You may choose a first and last n...(related: Babies)

    On The Road Again
    Just like Willy Nelson, I could not wait to get on the road again.After five years of marriage my husband and I had traveled to France, Florida, Missouri, Georgia, and the Caribbean. We had also taken many weekend trips aro...(related: Babies)

    Perfect Baby Shower Hostess Gifts
    Picture this; you are invited to a baby shower. How do you show your appreciation for the hostess who had put the whole affair together? By giving her thank you gifts. This is the best way to show a little thanks to the person who put the whole affair together.The demand for gifts for the hostess began when a hostess did an extraordinary job putting the baby shower together. The guests were so happy with the way the baby shower and activities were arranged that they decide to give her a small gift.Now baby sh...(related: Babies)

    Perfect Baby Shower Idea List For Necessity Type Baby Gifts
    Perfect Baby shower idea lists for necessity type baby gifts. By necessity type baby gifts, I mean items which every expecting mother needs. These items are usually reasonably priced, and easy to find.These are necessities parents can never have enough of. But then again, they may have many of these other items already.So you might want to ask the mother to be if she has the item/s you are going to bring. Or just ask for a list of items she needs. I am sure she will be happy to provide you with such a list.Also remember the guests will probably need a list such as this. It w...(related: Babies)

    Planning A Baby Shower? These Tips Make It Stress Free
    One of the most pleasant parties to plan has to be the baby shower. The mom-to-be gets so much attention and she can just sit back and enjoy all of the fuss. The key to creating this wonderful event is organizatio...(related: Babies)

    Planning A Baby Shower
    This article has information for the novice as well as the more experienced. Information is provided pertaining to when to plan the shower, who should give the shower and how to go about planning a baby shower. Also included is some historical background of baby showers for you entertainment.Baby Showers have been a tradition around the world for many years. It is a cheerful celebration for the mom-to-be and the baby shower guests alike. Just like everything around us, even baby showers have changed with the passage of time. Earlier baby showers were more traditional. Present day celebrations include almost anything and everything to suit the baby shower hostess and the guests.In the pr...(related: Babies)

    Planning The Perfect Baby Shower
    One of the most exciting events an expecting mother looks forward to is celebrating her baby shower.Deciding to Throw a Baby ShowerBaby showers are often thrown by a friend or family member. Formal tradition dictates that someone other than a family member throws the baby shower, but this certainly does not have to be the case and m...(related: Babies)

    Playing Baby Computer Games ? The New Parent-child Tradition?
    Imagine cuddling up with your small child to look at a picture book together that is interactive, musical, responsive and talks to you?This is the experience that people are having who are engaged in that relatively new pastime ? playing computer games with babies.JumpStart's Knowledge Adventure calls it "lapware", Kiddies Games' logo is "Hop on the lap and tap", and Sesame Street's "Baby and Me" opens with an animation of a baby monster hopping onto the lap of a Daddy monster to play the computer. Playing computer games with your baby is being promoted as a fun ...(related: Babies)

    Playing With Food Words: Teaching Mindfulness To Preschoolers
    The most powerful way to instill a love for language and an awareness of health in young children is to help them use specific words as cues for mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply paying attention, noticing new things, drawing distinctions, and shifting perspectives. It is the very essence of fun, and all children have a natural tendenc...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training After A Divorce Or Separation
    Many parents share custody of their children, which presents a unique problem when it comes to potty training. It's best to discuss potty training and agree on a strategy before you start. Both parents need to be informed about potty training and have the necessary potty training aids.Potty Training AidsTo maintain consistency throughout the potty training process, it's best if both parents either share the potty training aids or purchase the same aids. This way your child will have a potty seat she is comfortable with at each parent's home.Potty Training MethodsBoth parents need to use similar potty training methods so your child doesn't get confused. Make sure you are both informed and decide how you're going to handle potty training instruction, rewards, and accidents.In some cases, the divorced or separated p...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training At Daycare And Preschool
    With 61% of children between the ages of birth and 6 years in daycare, it's important that parents work closely with their child's care provider while potty training. When you child is ready for potty training, the right potty training guidance and supplies can make all the difference.Be Sure Your Child Is Ready ? Before you begin potty training, make sure your child is ready. Your child should show the following signs of potty training readiness:· Expresses an in...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Boys - How To Potty Train Boys - Do You Teach Them To Sit Or Stand?
    I am asked this question by many parents - they all want to know whether to start potty training boys to urinate standing up or sitting down.While there is definitely no right or wrong way to potty train a boy, most potty training experts will recommend that toddler boys should be potty trained sitting down. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends encouraging & teaching toddler boys to urinate sitting down.The major reason for this recommendation is to keep things simple by teaching them to sit for both urination and bowel movements. Other reasons include the logistics involved in managing the equipment for both types of training and the effort required to clean up while they learn to aim properly.Keep it Simple and Bowel Movement Training: Mos...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Doll - How Do You Use A Potty Training Doll To Potty Train You Child?
    Your heard about using a potty training doll that drinks and wets to assist in the process of potty training. Okay - that sounds good. So how do you use a potty training doll?The idea for using a potty training doll to potty trai...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Dolls - Why Use A Potty Training Doll To Assist In Potty Training Your Child?
    The idea of using potty dolls to potty train toddlers has been around for some 30 years. Many parents (including myself) have successfully pot...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Facts
    Potty training, toilet training, toilet teaching or toilet learning are names frequently used to describe how kids learn to use the bathroom independently.Children who are potty training or ready to potty train will:· Walk to the potty and undress· Consistently keep underwear clean and dry during the day and/or night· Recognise the need to go to the potty and let you know or goes by self<...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Guide
    Toilet training (herein referred to as "potty training") is an exciting time for parents and children, as the child takes the next step to becoming a "big" girl or boy. While parents usually start this adventure filled with the anticipation of being able to cross "diapers" off the shopping list, their toddlers can make them wonder if this will ever happen.Successful potty training requires a positive attitude and tons of patience on the parent's part. More importantly, it requires cooperation and readiness on the part of the trainee. Attempting to train a child who is not physically or emotionally mature will not only be unproductive, it will cause unnecessary stress for both parent and toddler.The American Academy of Pe...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training In One Day - Can You Really Potty Train In A Day? What Does It Mean?
    Sounds great ? doesn't it?Or does it sound too good to be true?It all comes down to perspective and expectations.If these words evoke the idea of a magic pill image in your mind ? i.e. all I have to do is spend some money here and boom, my child will ...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Readiness Signals - Is Your Child Ready To Be Potty Trained?
    So, you are thinking about potty training your toddler and you want to make sure that your child is ready.If this is the case, then you are reading the r...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Resistance - Is Your Child Resisting Your Potty Training Efforts?
    Potty Training ResistanceFrom your perspective, your child is resisting all your efforts to be potty trained. You have tried it all and are feeling frustrated because you cannot understand why your precious child does not want to co-operate with you!!Think about the issue from your child's perspective.The first thing I want you to think about is how you feel about your parents. Do you want your parents to be proud of your achievements? Do you have a desire to please your parents? Even as an adult, our desire to please our parents is very strong. So, try and imagine how strong this desire is when you are a toddler.So, know and be reassured, that most typical children have a strong desire to please their parents and if have communicated to them your desire to have them go in t...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Techniques That Dont Work
    Your attitude and actions have a huge impact on your child's potty training success. The following potty training techniques don't work and should never be done:
    • Punishing your child for accidents
    • Making your child wear soiled diapers or underwear
    • Making your child sit on the potty for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time
    • Making your child "hold it" if he or she needs to go
    • Making your child sit on the potty when he or she is crying
    Try to make potty training fun and exciting for your child. Positive reinforcement generates better results than negative reinforcement. Browse our selection of potty training products to choose the right product to use with your chosen potty training technique.Copyright © 2004 ZIP Baby. ...(related: Babies)

    Potty Training Your Child: The Five Potty Training Methods
    There are many different ways to potty train your toddler. At last count, I had found 35 different books for parents on potty training and I own most of those books. Based on my research and understanding, I break HOW to potty train down into the following five methods:
  • Infant Potty Training
  • It's potty time!! - practice until you get it right
  • The Potty Training in One Day Method
  • He will go potty when the time is right
  • The Naked & $75 method
  • 1) The Infant Potty Training Method:Most used potty training method in underdeveloped nations around the world and probably the least used potty training method in North America.It basically involves holding the infant over a potty to catch the eliminations.It basic...(related: Babies)

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    Baby Girl Clip Art
    The online baby girl clip art images help you to design attractive invitation cards and e-greetings easily. The World Wide Web is a great storehouse of information on any subject matter (we too are aiming to contributing to this store). Nowadays, many websites (both paid and free) host baby girl clip art images, baby boy clip art images as well as baby shower clip art images.Clip art, as its name suggests, is a form of graphic art that makes use of pre-existing images. These drawings / images are either copied or physically cut from existing works in the printed format on a particular topic. The sources of these picture...(related: Babies)

    Guide To Choosing Toddler Toys
    The play has many more functions for toddlers than for adults. For toddlers, play is not just a way to relax but it is also the best way to learn and perfect skills like walking, balance and controlling the hands.Through play, the child discovers the objects and their functions and learns some social behaviors. For him, the play is similar to the work of the adult: the toddler imitates the work of his mother, father and grandparents.He repairs the car ...(related: Babies)

    A Special Formula For Baby!
    Choosing to breastfeed the baby is one of the most important decisions a mother can make. Usually that decision was made even before the baby was conceived. There may be times when lack of support, knowl...(related: Babies)

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