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Aromatherapy For Babies


Before reading this article keep in mind that most doctorsdon't recommend the use of aromatherapy on babies that reless than three months old. This is because the nasal andskin tissues of an infant are very sensitive and easilyirritated by anything but the blandest of substances. Onceyour baby is past that age consult with your doctor tomake sure that the use of essential oils is right for yourchild.

Traditionally essential oils are used to purify the air ina nursery and calm and relax the infant. The safest andgentlest way to introduce essential oils into the nurseryis to put the oils in a diffuser so the molecules of theoil are dispersed through the air. You can also diluteabout ten drops of the oil in a bottle of distilled waterand mist that around the nursery and the baby's bedding.Remember always that if your baby starts sneezing, tearingor fretting that it may not be time to introducearomatherapy into your baby's life.

For best results try to choose high quality oils. Theinexpensive stuff is cut with crude substances andalcohols and can be overwhelming to the delicate system ofa baby.

Try to choose oils that are organically grown as they areusually of the highest quality. Avoid purchasing oils inplastic or clear bottles as light and other factors cancause the oil to degrade and lose efficacy. The highestquality aromatherapy oils are usually sold in dark brownbottles that protect them from disintegrating light rays.

There are several oils that are highly recommended for usewith babies. Some are mood enhancers, some are roomdisinfectants and many are a combination of both.

Lavender and roman chamomile are the best two oils thatyou can use in a mist or a diffuser to calm a fussy baby.A blend of vanilla and orange oils is a favorite blend formothers who just want to keep the baby in a happy mood asboth oils have the reputation of being mood elevators forchildren. Peppermint or spearmint oils are stimulating tothe brain. and may help babies learn faster.

You can also add a few drops of chamomile or lavender oilto a baby's bath to help prepare them physically andpsychologically for naptime. Keep in mind though that alloils added to a bath must first be generously diluted incarrier oil such as almond or olive oil. Never pouressential oil drops directly into a bath as that canirritate a baby's sensitive skin.

The safest aromatherapy oils to use as disinfectants andpurifiers for the air are geranium, lavender andeucalyptus. Lavender sprayed directly onto your babiesbedding and allowed to dry before placing the baby back inthe crib also helps get rid of allergens and dust mites.Eucalyptus is best used for babies who have a cold orrespiratory problems.

Used in a cautious manner, essential oils can not onlyhelp you calm and cheer your infant, but they can alsomask any unpleasant odors that are always a part of amother's life.

*******(c) 2005 Liz Santher - All Rights Reserved

Liz Santher is a aromatherapy enthusiast and freelanceauthor.*******

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