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Are Truckers Going Soft?

By: Mike Dobson

The answer is Ö yes! Actually, truckers are going for trucking software to make their life a little easier. A truckerís life is not all about being behind the wheel of a big rig. They have a lot of paperwork and information to keep track of for themselves as well as the trucking company that employs them. There is a variety of trucking software programs out on the market today, so it depends on what needs to be accomplished as opposed to which of the variety of trucking software programs you will purchase.

Letís stop and think about why a trucker would need trucking software. What do they do for a living? Drive! These truckers cover a lot of miles and have to fill up their fuel tanks periodically. There are trucking software programs that assist the trucker in recording the miles they traveled as well as each time they stopped to fill their fuel tanks. The trucking software can keep track of all the mileage and expenses accrued during a trip. So if the truck driver pays for fuel and maintenance out of pocket, they need accurate records to turn in to their trucking company for reimbursement. Otherwise, they are out of a lot of money.

The government requires that a trucker keep good records of each road trip, whether it is when they stop to sleep or take a break to the number of miles they traveled. There is trucking software that is compliant with the Department of Transportationís (DOT) rules and regulations. All a trucker would need to do is input the data. The trucking software would assimilate all the information and produce a report that is compliant with the DOT. Recordkeeping is invaluable to both the trucker and the trucking company.

Other types of trucking software include those that are compatible with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). This software is especially helpful to those truckers that are unfamiliar with a particular area they are driving through. Trucking software that has databases to store customer and business names are helpful tools. These databases could store contact names and phone numbers for the truckers as well as a list of lodging and food places along any given driving route.

The paperwork that trucking companies and truck drivers put up with can be a pain in the rear. That is why they are depending more and more on trucking software to make their lives easier. Since there is a variety of trucking software on the market, it pays to do the research on them. Find the trucking software that takes care of most of those paperwork nightmares and you will have found the right program for the job.

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