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What Treatment Is Available For Severe Acne


Severe acne can be detrimental to the thin layers of skinon your forehead and face. It can also cause extremeirritation, resulting in open wounds, puss-filled pores,and unsightly scarring.

This type of acne is quite different than mild or moderatecases. Severe acne needs the immediate attention of aqualified dermatologist and your family practitioner.

Severe or acute acne can be caused by both environmentaland genetic variables. Prevention and treatment are thebest ways to deal with such cases. Seldom does an extremeacne sufferer's skin clear up naturally, but in mostinstances, it actually worsens.

Usually a dermatologist will recommend a combination ofboth topical cream and oral drugs. Several types availableinclude different antibiotics, benzyl peroxides, Tretinoin,Adapalen and the strong, yet effective Azelaic Acid.Antibiotics and this acid can work wonderfully, attackingthe source of inflammation-the bacteria lining thefollicle.

The other topical drug, Tretinoin, is simply a form ofvitamin A that stops the development of comedones, orinflamed hair follicles. While it doesn't necessarily stopthe growth of bacteria, this is a more natural way ofunplugging clogged pores that cause inflammation andlesions, thereby allowing the use of topical antibioticcream to work deeply within the skin.

Another drug that isn't so natural in it's approach are thenewer forms of Retinoid drugs. These drugs are quitepowerful in the way they work. Like Tretinoin, these drugs,often Tazarotene or Adapalen, also help to fight off thedevelopment of comedones or comedo lesions.

These drugs, although not available over the counter (OTC),come in different forms. Similar to OTC drugs, these comein a variety of solutions, gels, lotions and creams. Yourdermatologist will immediately know which type is right foryour skin and prescribe what she or he believes will mosteffectively open pores and fight-off unwanted bacteria.

Dermatologist will routinely ask you which form ofmedication you'd prefer. Creams are good for those withextra sensitive skin, while gels and other solutions tendto make the skin become more dry and irritated. He or shemay recommend one or the other based on gender and/orwhether you live in a hot and humid climate.

At first, your skin may look and feel worse with the use ofsuch strong medications. If the pain becomes unbearable orif you develop a rash or extreme redness of any kind, besure to stop using the product and immediately talk to yourdoctor and dermatologist.

Similarly to OTC treatments, it will take up to eight weeksfor you to actually notice improvements. But, once itbegins to clear, it will make a world of difference to howyour skin looks and feels.

Steve Williams is a freelance writer, who suffered acne formany years. His research into prevention and acne cureshave helped him, and other fellow sufferers.

Discover useful advice and information about the causesand prevention of acne. Website contains useful articlesand updated information on this nasty skin condition.

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