A Company Law Jargon Buster.
A Computer and Internet Glossary.
A Guide to Advertising in the Media.
Avoiding Home Business Scams.
Before You Do Anything: Try It Out.
Cashflow Problems: How to Get Your Money.
Choosing a Name for Your Company.
Do You Need a License? Regulated Industries.
Don't Forget Yourself: Surviving the Financial Strain.
Finding Who You Need: Advisors, Accountants and More.
Getting Help and Advice on Starting a Business.
Getting Loans for Your Home Business.
Going International.
Guerrilla Marketing: a Cheaper Alternative.
Hardware and Software: Using IT in Your Business.
If It All Goes Right: The Exit Strategy.
If It All Goes Wrong: Don't Rush to Bankruptcy.
Invented Something? Get a Patent.
Is it Legal in Your Home? How to Check.
Keeping Customers Loyal.
Managing Risk: the Disaster Plan.
Once You're Established: Planning Your Growth.
Planning For Every Expense.
Preparing Yourself Mentally for Business.
Putting a Work Area in Your Home.
Putting It in Writing: Contracts for Customers.
Researching and Developing the Idea.
Reviewing Your Performance.
Safety in the Home Workplace.
Seeking Out Your Competitors.
Setting Up a Company.
Setting Up a Website for Your Business.
So What’s Your Idea?
Tax, Tax and More Tax.
The Art of e-Commerce.
The Grant Game.
The Next Step: a Marketing Plan.
The Secrets of Pricing.
The Top 5 First-Year Mistakes.
The Top 5 Setting-Up Mistakes.
Time for a Holiday: But How?
Trademarks and Copyrights.
Venture Capitalists and Business Angels.
What to Do if You Need Staff.
When Customers Complain.
Why Start a Home Business?
Working Alone: Who'd Have Thought You'd Miss Your Co-Workers?
Working and Living: Don't Blur the Lines.
Working From Home: the Pros and Cons.
Writing a Business Plan.